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I Paul Eugene

Paul Eugene my life mission is to inspire the world to exercise spirit soul and body.  I have been on this mission since 1989 as a certified Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, teaching fitness at health clubs, gyms, churches, community centers, educational, corporations and social media. 

I have hosting and producing the "Paul Eugene Fitness Show" on PCTV21 in Pittsburgh since 2002 and is seen every Friday at 10 AM on PCTV21.  The shows are also seen on my Paul Eugene You Tube Channel, Roku TV App and Amazon Fire App - "Paul Eugene Fitness.

This year I am excited about relaunching my inspirational show "Inspiring You".  I love to inspire and motivate people to be more and do more than they are currently doing.  How to use setbacks or difficulties become a bridge growth. 

Now age 65 soon to be 66 I am still very much excited about life and all it still has to offer.