Baby Boomers & Fitness

There are millions of baby boomers in the United States today, those born between 1946 and 1964. Many can remember the days of Dance Aerobics and Hi Lo aerobics with head bands and tights. The music was fast and pumping. I am one those baby boomers. I couldn't wait to get to the health club to take dance aerobics and hi lo aerobics on saturday and wednesday. It was 45 minutes long and the classes were always jam packed.

The other day I happen to be in the neighborhood where my Ballys Total Fitness / La Fitness stood, it was totaly demonished. I stood there with my mouth haniging open, such memories of being there, in fact I even taught there.

Now at age 65, a active baby boomer / senior I still teach hi lo aerobics. I still feel the thrill when pumping out at the high intensity and enregetic music. I belive the years I spent doing aerobics have paid off big time for me. I did't realize that at the time I was building a foundation for later years in life. It built strength in me and enable me to over come some physical challenges in this latter part of my life. I could say that doing aerobics was a addiction, but a good one. I just only hope that the younger generation today will realize that what they are doing today in terms of physical fitness will have show up in their latter days.

Not all baby boomers / seniors got the same results as I did. Just like no two snow flakes are alike nor or two people. We do know that our genes play a role in our health as well and the lifestyle we were living.

But despite baby boomers / seniors have come a long way, and while still alive can still enhance their health. It does not mean that you have to bang it out like you did in your earlier years but you can do so with modification and get results.

Let's get moving baby boomers and seniors! You can join me for my free Zoom live cardio, dance and strength classes. For info go to : and click schedule.

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