Be transform by the renewing of your mind is a quote from the bible. I though about that today and ask myself what does that mean for me? I was watching a TV show about "Unmatchable" people for marriage who needed to change their thinking becuase it was what was hindering them from beening in a relationship. But the truth be told we all need to have our thinking, beliefs and reasoning change from time to time.

There has to be a shift in order for us to move forward in our lives. The un ease we feel in side is telling us to change. To change for something good and better for our lives and others as well. When we change we are then able to influence a broader group of indviduals that we could not before. You may have heard people say that there is no good man or woman left in this town, but that is false. The accumilation of bad experience may have gotten you to that conclusion but you are also saying that you are not good either, becaue you live in that town.

We have to begin by changin our thinking about ourselves then we will see the world around us from an different view and understanding. Acting on that change is what reflects transformtion.

Transformtion does not just reside in your head but in your actions or else change is just a accumilation of information.

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